When A Monkey Won The Animal Race
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When A Monkey Won The Animal Race

A look at an animal race that happened in France.

What do you think would happen if you got a bantam, a black goat, a duck, an Egyptian dung beetle, a goose, a guinea hen, a lion cub, a monkey, a sheep, a tortoise and a turkey and decided to enter them all in a race? Anarchy would certainly ensue, that's a given. Surely though no one in their right mind would ever think of holding such an event - the thought of how stupid it is would surely be enough to not let it happen.

An yet it did happen!

In France in 1901 some aristocratic ladies, who clearly had far too much time on their hands, concocted a plan to hold a race for their exotic and unusual pets. Not one of them thought it a bad idea. In fact to a person they thought it a wonderful idea and they soon found the place to hold the race, the Sporting Society of Compiegne!

On the day of the big race, the animals were paraded around. They were on leads and had been vigorously decorated with brightly coloured ribbons. If anyone had any hope that such a race would go off without any hitch they were soon put in their place as things started to go wrong before the race had even started.

The lion cub, who was the pet of the Princess de Lucinge, decided it would be a good idea, while being paraded, to roll over. In doing so, the sheer force of the roll sent the Princess de Lucinge crashing in to the Baroness de la Motte, whose exotic pet was the black goat. If the two aristocratic ladies clattering in to each other wasn't bad enough, the lion cub and black goat decided to fight each other.

Somehow the race did get started and with all the animals lined up it must have been some sight - although there was some concern for the Egyptian dung beetle as it was so small that it might just be trampled on by one of the other animals, or perhaps it might be seen as a tasty treat by one of the other animals. When the race had started, the Egyptian dung beetle (perhaps feeling fearful of the other animals) wandered off the race course to the safety of the long grass. Being such a small insect it took a while for anyone to find the beetle in the grass but it was soon back in the hands of owner Mademoiselle Fournier-Sarloveze.

During the race, the monkey spent most of its time trying to strangle the bantam. Perhaps the monkey was just bored, perhaps though the monkey saw the bantam as its main competitor for the race. Whatever the reason, the strangling of the bantam worked wonders for the monkey as it was the monkey that romped home to take the race.

The whole thing had been a shambles from start to finish and the aristocratic ladies who had formulated the idea of racing their pets were sure they wouldn't be doing it again. Alas, the race did not become an annual event!

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