Caring for Your Pot Bellied Pig
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Caring for Your Pot Bellied Pig

Pot bellied pigs make great pets. They are smart and will open cupboard doors looking for food. They love to eat and will eat just about anything they can put in their mouth. They are clean and can be potty trained. You can train them to wear a harness and take them for walks.

Your pot bellied pig's diet needs a good quality pig food formulated especially for pot bellied pigs.  Pigs are hungry all the time so it is up to you to control their diet.  You must only feed them what is recommended to keep them in good condition.  They will beg you for more food but do not give in to them.    Pigs are like humans in many ways.  Some pigs can get fat on 2 cups of pig food a day and other pigs will need more food to maintain their weight.

Food makes a pig happy so it is easy for you to over feed your pig.  If a pig suffers from extreme obesity he can go blind because of fat accumulates around his eyes and he will suffer from deafness because of excess fat in the ear canal. They can also develop negative behavior due to pain caused by an overweight condition.  When you over feed your pot bellied pig, he will become obese and he will develop many physical problems.  They are coronary artery disease, premature arthritis and joint disease.

The obese pig is prone to heat stress.  Pot bellied pigs have a large stomach and they require a diet high in fiber.  It is important to provide your pot bellied pig adequate grazing time in your yard because a pot bellied pig must have roughage to stay healthy. If grazing is not possible, a large green salad will work.  Too much fat and protein, consumption will lead to obesity.  Never feed your pig dog food or cat food, as they are not good for them.  If you have a dog or cat, you must feed them in a place your pot bellied pig cannot get to their leftover food.  Pigs will eat just about anything as long as it will go in their mouth and they do not care if it is good for them.   Several commercial foods are formulated specifically for pot bellied pigs. Never feed your potbellied pig regular commercial pig food.  The commercial pig food is designed to promote rapid weight gain.  Follow the instructions on the pig food bag on how much to feed your pot bellied pig. You can usually buy it at most feed stores.

Supplement your pig’s diet with fiber.  Your pig’s salad should consist of cucumbers, celery, Iceberg lettuce, bell peppers, cabbage, spinach and broccoli.  Limit the amount of fruit you feed your pig.  You should feed 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 fruit.

Do not feed your pig meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, cooked leftovers from the table and canned food.  Do not feed your pig crackers, chips, pretzels, pizza, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies and candy.  Never give your pig salt and chocolate.

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