Tips for Living with a Long-haired Pet
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Tips for Living with a Long-haired Pet

Looking for solutions to keep your possessions free of pet hair? These tips and products are inexpensive and greatly reduce pet hair accumulation in the home and auto. Check them out now!

Many people own pets that have medium to long hair…and that hair sheds on everything! People that treat their pets as one of the family free to roam their home quickly find that pet hair can be a big problem in a short time.

Whether you are battling fur strands on your sofa, car seat, carpeting or bedding – yours or theirs – there are some inexpensive ways to help reduce the stress and mess it causes. Take a look at some of these ideas by searching the web using the bold product names in this article.

Brushing your long-haired pet on a daily basis can greatly reduce the amount they shed on your belongings. There are soft brushes that really just address the top layer or two of your pet’s coat and not much else. They leave a lot to be desired. There are also wire brushes that go a bit deeper and actually pull up the undercoat where most matting occurs – they are more effective but can damage the pet’s skin if used too briskly. One new solution is the ShedPal pet vacuum. This item combines small, round rubber nodules that help stimulate the oil in their coat, massage your pet, and make the hair come loose. While the hair is freed from the coat, a vacuum sucks it all into a handy little bin attached to the handle. This bin removes easily and you dispose of the hair in one quick shake. These devices usually have a small motor attached that runs fairly quietly and makes grooming less a chore and more like a game – how much hair can I collect in 5 minutes? Another innovative tool is the Shed Monster which has metal tips that are not sharp and provide a massage while you remove unwanted hair and attend to matted areas. If your pet is afraid of noises in general, this may be a great option to control their coat from shedding as much hair.

Furniture protection is another major concern that can be handled by anything as simple as a sheet or blanket used as a covering. But, does your pet like to “dig” a nest before they settle in for that snooze? If so, try making or purchasing a fitted or weighted, washable covering. If you make your own, be sure to treat it with ScotchGard after washing and add curtain weights to the edges to help prevent it from slipping during use. If you don’t sew, Pet Furniture Covers can be obtained for between 20 and 100 bucks and are a quick solution to making that covering stay put and keeping furniture ready for company at a moment’s notice. SureFit and K&M are great brands that come in various styles and colors.

Your car seats need maintenance during and after trips to the vet. Of course, in many states there are now laws that require you to harness your pet in the back seat for their safety. If your state does not require this, you can keep them in the back seat by using a pet barrier such as the Pet Net that fits over your head rests and provides a netted barrier between the seats. Okay, that takes care of the front seat – what about the back seat where the pet actually rides? Well, there’s always a loose blanket which nearly always results in hair being spread all over the seat and the seat needing vacuuming. So why not try making or purchasing a fitted pet seat cover such as the Pet Rider that fits over seat belts and the head rests. Some styles have zippers and others have elastic bases to keep them in place. And most of them are waterproof as a bonus against “leaks” from excitable pets during travel. Either way, your car stays hair-free. And if you have leather or vinyl seats, an added bonus is that the cover keeps seats free of pin holes created by your pet’s nails!

One final tip as an aside, long-haired pets can pick up fleas easily during any excursion, so snap a flea collar onto one of the legs of the back seat. This protects your car from the odd flea they might bring into it, has no smell, and is out of the way. Just remember to change it about twice a year and keep an eye on the kids so they don’t discover it or play with it.

For a small one-time investment, you can keep your pet from shedding as much and your possessions looking the way you want them to – free of pet hair and ready to welcome guests.

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