The Volume of Hay to Feed a Goat
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The Volume of Hay to Feed a Goat

Animal husbandry experts will be able to accurately tell how much hay do you give a pet goat per day. This is because there are various goat breeds, each of which has different dietary requirements. Really, thereÂ’s not cut-and-dried answer to how much hay do you give a pet goat per day.

Where hay man not be needed

Determining how much hay do you give a pet goat per day would depend on several factors. First is the location. Those who are living in a farm many not spend as much as those living cities or towns. Goats can be left alone to fend for themselves in farm pastures or open ranges where the vegetation can support their feed requirements.

These animals are browsers, and they will thrive on grasses, weeds, bushes, or tree leaves within their reach. Goats are also social and it is wise to keep at least two. To raise these animals in a range environment, each boat has to have access to a minimum of one-fourth acre of pasture.

When supplements are required

With a good pasture land, goats may not need extra feeding. As farm animals, those that will require feed supplements are the mother goats nursing their kids, nourishment also necessary if these animals are tapped as a source of milk for home consumption or for commercial purposes. Goat herders also often provide extra feeds to the young goats.

During the spring and summer months, the other members of a herd may subsist on just any available feed on their range. In winter, however, an entire herd will require additional feeds like hay.

Keeping goats as house pets

Taking these dietary needs into an urban setting therefore makes keeping goats in the city somewhat problematic. First, you must determine if there are no municipal or city ordinances prohibiting goats as household pets. Then there is the issue of the space where the pet goat is to be kept, which can be partly solved by keeping pygmy goat breeds as pets.

Ideally, you will have to have a fenced off area in the garden, which has to be dry and well-ventilated. Racks for hanging the hay to feed the pet goat will be necessary to prevent the animal from soiling its food. You will also need a feeder so designed to prevent the goat from contaminating its food supplements, such as grains and commercial pellet feeds.

Know the ideal feed mix

Goats, the browsing animals that they are, need to nibble and chew constantly. Hence, they must be supplied with feeds once or twice a day. To keep them in good health, they will require fourteen to sixteen percent protein in their supply of grain mix.

The amount of hay your pet goat would need will depend on whether it is a milking or non-milking breed. One which is milking will certainly require more hay as well as grain. A non-milking goat may not need grain, but one that is milking will need the regular supply of minerals from grains.

For this feed supplement supply alone, you may need to spend around nine dollars a month. Added to this would be the cost of the hay which is essential to satisfy the pet’s inclination at constant chewing. A forty-pound bale of hay will cost between two and twelve dollars a month, a supply that should last in about four days.

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