Should You Offer a Reward when Your Pet is Lost?
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Should You Offer a Reward when Your Pet is Lost?

How much of a reward should I give to the person who found my pet. Is offering a reward a good way of recovering a lost pet. Should I offer a reward to the finder of my lost pet? How to find a lost dog? How to find a lost cat? Is offering a reward a good way to get a lost pet back? If I offer a reward on my lost pet poster will I get my pet back faster?

If your pet is lost there are many things you should do to try to get it back, putting up a lost poster is one, calling your local animal shelter is another. You may be wondering if you should offer a reward, and if so, how much?

How to Find a Lost Pet

Some tips to finding a lost pet are calling your local animal shelter and reporting it missing. Putting up posters with a picture, and description, of the pet on it. Calling your local newspaper and placing a “Lost Pet” ad, note that some newspapers will run these for free. You can also post on some online websites.

What About Offering a Reward?

The reason why rewards are offered is that some people find stray pets and assume the owner did not want them, or that the owner was not responsible. They excuse themselves for keeping the pet under the belief that if the owner was a good owner the pet would not have been out in the first place.

Sometimes kids bring home pets under the story that their friend gave it to them, and parents seem to go along with it even to the point that once the family has become attached to the pet they ignore any “Lost Pet” signs. Sometimes posting a reward makes people think a bit harder about their dishonesty in such a situation.

People who have found a pet and kept it for a few weeks or months, may have grown attached to it, when they see a sign for a “Lost Pet” they may not feel compelled to respond, but if they see that a reward is offered they may feel a little more guilty, or perhaps are simply motivated by money to give the pet back.

If you suspect the pet was stolen you can offer a reward “For information that leads to the return of” your pet.

When you offer a reward, do not include the amount of the reward. You can base what you give later on the recovery of the pet and how sincere the return was. Obviously if a pet was well cared for, perhaps even taken to the vet, while it was in the person's care, you should give more of a reward than if it lived tied to a tree in their back yard. Also consider the situation where the pet went missing – did it just wander off or was it lost in the wilderness after getting out of your car following a car accident (making it harder for the finder to find you)?

For some situations $5 is enough, but other times may warrant a far higher amount.  If you offer a reward "No Questions Asked" be sure to ask no questions!

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Comments (4)
Ranked #7 in Pets

yep offering a reward will give incentive to people who would not have cared.

Ranked #4 in Pets

I know the feeling of a lost pet. My cat took off while I was away on vacation and my neighbor was so upset that she was not able to have him at home when I returned. I did not post a reward because of the 9 days the cat had been gone when I got home. He came home and we had a tearful reunion after that many days. I never thought about a reward being as useful as you present it to be.Well done!

I agree with you 101 percent Brenda.

Now found out the reason for rewards. They would be compelled to give because they feel guilty about keeping a pet someone else valued more along with the money offer. Nicely written.