Salamanders Are Good Exotic Pets
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Salamanders Are Good Exotic Pets

Salamanders make good pets. They are not lizards but amphibians. They can be anywhere for 1 tinch to 5 feet in size. The large salamanders are not good pets. Some salamanders live on land, some in water and some live on both land and water. The ones that live totally in water are harder to care for.

Salamanders can be anywhere from 1 inch to almost 5 feet in size.  Some people think salamanders are lizards but they are amphibians and  are related to frogs, newts and caecilians.  The large salamanders do not make good pets.  They make excellent pets if you do not get the larger ones.  If you keep their home clean, they are easy to manage and are quite healthy.  Most of the ones kept as pets are between 4 and 8 inches long so they will not need a lot of space.

The like a damp moist home.  They are sometimes very shy and withdrawn.  They spend most of their adult lives on land but there are some types that will live in water.  Some salamanders will live in water and on land.  Choose the type of home that will suit the type of salamander you decide to get.

Most of the salamanders offered for sale such as the American Tiger Salamander and the European Fire Salamander need a cool and moist terrarium.  The Axolotl, Mud Puppy or Amphivma salamanders are aquatic and will require a suitable aquarium.

Sphagnum moss, bark chips and potting compost will be a good floor covering for the damp terrarium. You will also need to provide some hiding places.  Make sure you have a good secure lid, as salamanders are masters at escaping.

Most of the salamanders in pet stores enjoy temperatures of 68 degrees.  The Pyrenean Brook Salamander wants to be kept at 65 degrees or lower.

Keeping a tank cool can be a problem as it is much easier to keep a tank warm.  You should really think about this before you get a cold water species of salamander as they can be difficult to care for.

Salamanders need to be moist so you must provide a dish of water for the land living varieties and mist the tank on a regular basis.  Do not over do it and get everything too wet.  If mold appears or the tank starts to smell sour, clean the tank immediately.  Salamanders are susceptible to fungus and bacteria infection so keeping the tank clean is necessary.

Salamanders are carnivorous and they need to be fed live food.  They like small crickets and mealworms.  They also like earthworms, woodlice and slugs.  Make sure the wild caught food does not have any pesticides on it.

Salamanders are nocturnal so it is best to feed them at night.  Salamanders do not really like to be petted.  The heat from human hands is not good for their moist bodies.  It is best if you do not handle them.

Many of the salamanders offered for sale in pet stores have beautiful patters and colors.  Salamanders make great pets and they look beautiful in their tank. 

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Comments (2)

Very interesting pet information. Thank you Norma.

Ranked #1 in Pets

Yes they are not the kind of pet that should be handled - good point.