Monkeys Make Dangerous Pets
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Monkeys Make Dangerous Pets

Monkeys are very cute when they are young and many people buy them for pets.Monkeys do not make good pets. They carry many diseases that are harmful and sometimes fatal to humans like Hepatitis, monkey pox, yellow fever and rabies. Monkeys have sharp teeth and long fingernails and they will bite and scratch. Their bites and scratches will get infected. Monkeys are very messy.

Many people believe monkeys should never be kept as pets.  They are difficult to keep and they can be dangerous.  Some people that keep them as pets try to make them harmless by having their incisors and fingernails removed and they will have the males neutered.

There are many diseases that monkeys can carry like hepatitis, monkey pox, yellow fever, tuberculosis and rabies that they can pass on to humans.  Almost 90 percent of all macaque monkeys are infected with Herpes virus B that is a virus that is harmless to the monkeys but can cause death in humans.  A person who is bitten, scratched, sneezed on or spit on while the monkey is shedding is at risk of contracting the disease, which can cause a potentially fatal brain infection.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that monkeys are unsuitable as pets due to the extremely high prevalence of Herpes Virus B as well as aggressive behavioral characteristics.

Thousands of lemurs, monkeys and apes are kept as pets in North America and many people have found it amusing to watch these bright, often human like creatures perform tricks or wear clothes.  They are usually very disappointing and destructive when kept as pets.

Nonhuman primates are difficult to keep in home situations.  Primates are physically dangerous because they are very aggressive, quick moving and strong.

Most of the primates are cute when they are babies and that is when most people purchase them.  When they get to be two years old, they start to show unpredictable behavior and many of the male monkeys will become very aggressive.  They have very strong jaws and large teeth with well-developed incisors.  They will bite to defend themselves and establish their superiority.  Their bites can be very painful and can get infected.

Scratching is also dangerous because many primates have strong gingers and hard long fingernails and their scratches will be quite painful and deep.  Medium sized primates like macaques may also pinch and damage any tissue they can reach.  Some bites and scratches can be very serious.

Monkeys are very messy by nature and most of them never become toilet trained.  When they are young, you can put a diaper on them to take care of the problem.  When they become older, they will take the diaper off and make a mess all over the house and there is nothing you will be able to do about it.

Do not get a primate as a pet as they can be very dangerous.

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