Hermit Crabs Make Great Pets
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Hermit Crabs Make Great Pets

Hermit crabs have become very popular pets. You can purchase them at pet stores and sometimes they have them at the mall. They are fairly easy to care for. They do require you provide them with a selection of larger shells so they can get a different shell for a home when they grow. They do not have a shell of their own.

Hermit crabs can make great pets for just about everyone.  They are great for children and will keep them entertained for hours watching them.  Hermit crabs do not mind being handled but you must be careful so you do not injure them, as they are delicate and must not be shaken.

They must be kept well fed and they must have extra shells of different sizes and a wet sponge.  Your hermit crabs cage must be kept clean as they will live longer.   They can be fed fish food and fish pellets but you can  also get  a food that is just for hermit crabs.  They are one of the easier pets  to keep and cheaper pets to buy. 

Hermit crabs are very friendly.  The bigger the home you get your hermit crab the better.  If you are getting more than one hermit crab, you should get a 20 to 30 gallon tank.  If you get one hermit crab, it is best to put him in a 10-gallon tank.  You can also put one hermit crab in a 5-gallon tank, as it will accommodate him nicely.

Many people paint the shells that the hermit crabs live in and this will make their home much more appealing to human eyes but it really does nothing for the hermit crab. 

Hermit crabs can be active but they usually just rest and do not move around a lot.  When they do move around, they are taking their home with them.  Make sure you have different size shells in their home so they can change as they grow, as they will need a larger shell.

Be sure the hermit crabs cage is kept clean as they are particular about this and they enjoy a clean home.  It does require a certain amount of time and work to keep a hermit crab healthy and happy.  Hermit crabs are inexpensive to replace if they die so many people do not take the time or put out the effort to take care of them properly.  It is much easier for them just to replace them.  If you do not have the time or do not want to take the time to properly take care of a hermit crab you should think about getting a different type of pet or maybe no pet at all because all pets require your time to care for them.

Your hermit crab care will start with giving him a proper home.  You will use a clear tank that way you can watch you hermit crab dig and play.  You will need to put some good clean sand or gravel on the bottom of the tank. You can also use a substrate called forest bedding, which is made of coconut fibers.  The forest bedding will stay moist longer but you do not want it to be wet.

A hermit crab will need the proper food and water and you can purchase his food at most pet stores.  They have a food that is made special for hermit crabs.  You can also find out what species of hermit crab you have and what foods they must eat.  You can give your hermit crab an occasional treat.

Their water must be clean with no chlorine.  There are drops you can buy that will remove the chlorine from tap water.  You do not have to bathe your hermit crab but do provide him with a bowl of water so he can climb in and out.  The water in the bowl should be about 1 inch deep.

Part of caring for your hermit crab is loving him, taking him out of his cage, and holding him.  He will like this but be careful that he does not pinch you.  Sometimes hermit crabs will pinch when they are nervous or hungry.  If he pinches, you put him back in his cage and make sure he has food.  When your hermit crab wants you to hold and play with him he will not pinch you.

Hermit crabs make great pets.  You can decorate your hermit crabs home with rocks and plants to make it more appealing.

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My sister and I had hermit crabs as pets but to be honest I am not sure what happened to them, sadly I think a lot of people throw them in the garbage when they are alive and moulting people just do not realize how long this can take (weeks - months).