Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamanders Are Popular Pets
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Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamanders Are Popular Pets

Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamanders make great pets for some people. They are easy to care for and do not require a lot of room. They are great pets for people who live in apartments had have limited space. They do not have many special needs. They usually like a temperature of between 60 and 70 degrees.

Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamanders are the most common types of kept as pets.  They are hardy, have good appetites, have undemanding needs, and are the easiest to keep as pets.

They are attractively marked and naturally inquisitive and can be 12 inches long when grown.  They can live for 10 years or more when kept as pets.  They can make very interesting and rewarding pets.

Fire Salamanders like cool surroundings and their tank should be kept at around 68 degrees.  They are probably the most popular salamander that is kept in a vivarium.

Tiger Salamanders like to hide underground for most of the day.  There are three species sold in pet stores as exotic pets and they are the Tiger and the Barred Tiger Salamander.  They like temperatures that are from 60 to 70 degrees.

Both kinds of salamanders need a large tank.  It should be at least 24x16x18 inches.  This size tank should take care of a pair of salamanders.  A larger tank would be better as it would give them more room.  If you get the 12 inch, salamander this size tank will be too small for them when they are grown.

The flooring material should be able to provide enough moisture without getting too soggy.  Sterile compost or sphagnum moss will work great but you must watch for signs that mold is developing.  Put some pieces of cork bark or sterilized logs in the tank for hiding places.  You will also need to add a shallow water dish.  It will need to be large enough for the salamander to wallow in if they want to.

You must keep your salamanders home clean and the water should be changed regularly.  Any uneaten food or droppings should be removed every day.  They will live a long time in captivity if their home is kept clean.  They are susceptible to fungus diseases so cleaning their home everyday is very important.

In the wild, these amphibians will eat just about anything but they like the usual foods like earthworms and other garden bugs.  Their food should be dusted with a good vitamin and mineral powder.

Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamanders are not fussy eaters.  Both of these salamanders make fascinating pets.  They will give you years of enjoyment if they are properly taken care of. You must keep your pet salamander healthy and happy. Salamanders also make good pets for people that live in apartments as they do not require a lot of room.

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Comments (4)
Ranked #1 in Pets

Good point of cage requirement, I have seen them in small tanks, and the water gets dirty fast.

Ranked #13 in Pets

Thanks Brenda.

Ranked #13 in Pets

Thanks for recomening my article.  I really appreciate it. 

These sound like fascinating pets, I'd like to have one.