Facts About Chubby Frogs
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Facts About Chubby Frogs

Facts about chubby frogs otherwise known as Asian painted bullfrogs, ox frogs, painted frogs, Malaysian narrow-mouthed toads, and bubble frogs.

Chubby frogs are so named because of their chubby bodies. They have a large rounded body as if run over by a truck. During rainy days, the chubby frogs gather in great numbers; croaking noisily together, broadcasting their presence to each other hoping to attract a mate. The noise they generate for hours at night can prevent a person from sleeping.

Chubby frogs are also known by other names. Among those names include the Asian painted bullfrogs, the ox frogs, the painted frogs, the Malaysian narrow-mouthed toads, and the bubble frogs. All these names refer to one species of frog known in scientific circles as Kaloula pulchra.

Taxonomy and Physical Description of the Chubby Frogs

Chubby frogs belong to the Microhylidae family, or the narrow-mouthed and small toads. They have a light gray back flanked by light yellow, longitudinal stripes on both sides of the body that culminate in the head and snout. The dorsal and lateral portions of the body is pockmarked with black or yellowish wart-like protrusions. The chubby frog has a light gray underside. When disturbed, the chubby frogs further inflate their bodies to make them appear larger than their actual size to scare off predators. The chubby frogs can grow to a length of 3.5 centimeters.

chubby frog body

Fig. 1. A chubby frog in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

Habitat of the Chubby Frogs

During the rainy days, chubby frogs are found gathering in throngs around pools of water in secondary as well as primary forests especially those lots of with termite mounds such as forests dominated by Nauclea orientalis or bangkal. On ordinary days, chubby frogs can be found under rocks, among debris, among the grasses, in decaying organic matter and even in people’s homes as they can live in almost any kind of habitat that provide them food and moisture. They seek sheltered places where they can squeeze themselves in for protection.

Population Distribution of the Chubby Frogs

The populations of chubby frogs have a wide distribution range in Southeast Asia namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. For this reason, their populations are not in any way endangered.

Feeding Habits of the Chubby Frogs

Chubby frogs, due to their narrow mouth, feed on small organisms like termites, small crickets, flies, worms and roaches.

chubby frog front

Fig. 2. Chubby frogs have narrow mouth.

Chubby frogs can be reared in captivity. However, utmost care must be exercised to prevent irritating frog excretions from gaining contact with the skin of the pet owner.

©Patrick A. Regoniel 27 November 2010 Facts About Chubby Frogs

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Comments (7)

very interesting and informative article about chubby frogs . nice one! :)

I love this article! I think frogs are great and wish I could see more frogs - esp. chubby frogs. Good job on this research and explaining how these cool creatures live.

The title was so cute I had to read this article, and it was very enjoyable!

I like frogs, I think he's cute.

Very informative.

Frogs like these make a typical lullaby conducive to sleeping when it rains.

These chubby frogs are not quite handsome... for me. But chubby seems cute. Very informative article Patrick, thanks.