Details and Characteristics of Pet Lemurs
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Details and Characteristics of Pet Lemurs

Engage in a challenging dare by getting a pet lemur, only a few are given the chance for this unconventional pet care experience.


The Lemur is an interesting gift of the primate family. Considered one of the endangered species, it is in continuous struggle for its kind to survive. It has been through extreme phenomena that transformed it into one robust creature. It has intriguing attributes that makes it an excellent pet lemur.

This little primate evolved so long ago. It has been a resident of Africa and later on migrated to Madagascar due to environmental conditions. It is believed that it has travelled through some vegetative raft. It occurred in one favourable season millions of years ago.

From then on, it became an adopted native of Madagascar. There are accounts of some giant variety of lemurs in the past. As time progressed, the variety became limited to a few such as the cute little ones. These remnant-species come in different forms such as the pygmy lemur, mouse lemur, and the ringtailed lemur. Each of them makes a good pet lemur.

Physical Features

This furry creature appears like one of the huggable toys collection for kids. It comes in various hues such as grey, white, red, black, and fusion of these shades. It has bright and bulgy eyes that can create a sharp stare. Its length and size vary accordingly. Its maximum growth ranges from 4.5-18 inches depending on the type of species.

However, it is important to caution people of its deceptive appearance. It may look innocent and harmless but it has some freaky features, too. It has some sharp teeth that can reap even hard objects. Also, it can engage into stink fights using its tail after getting rubbed into its scent glands.

Moreover, it is known for its exceptional sensory technique. As a nocturnal fellow, its vision works at night but has poor recognition ability. It has but a strong sense of smell which aids its poor sense of sight. Also, it inherited the wet nose common to some primates. This further enhanced its olfaction capability.

Character Traits

The lemur is a social animal. It goes along with its group composed of 10-15 members. In fact, it travelled in groups during the period of its migration to Madagascar. Considering its size, sticking in a team is favourable against possible predator attacks.

Also, it is aggressive and possessive in nature, especially the female ones. This tendency is true in caring for its babies. It does not allow any other creature to touch its little ones. It can surely burst into an attack with its wedged-teeth.

Care in Captivity

As one of the endangered species, there are special laws regulating its captivity. It is only safe to trade hand-bred lemurs rather than those captured from its natural habitat. It is advisable to get a pet lemur from legitimate pet stores for the tamed variety. A male lemur is a better choice than a female one. It is submissive and trainable, which makes it likely to be tamed down.

As an exotic pet, expect its unusual behaviour and attributes. It must be housed in a narrow terrarium safe for kids and family members. This way, it will not be able to escape for possible attacks. Also, it is not picky with food. It is originally herbivorous but became omnivorous later on as an adaptive mechanism. It can be fed with fruits, leaves, and insects. Make sure it gets enough calories for its fat reserve.

Engage in a challenging dare by getting a pet lemur, only a few are given the chance for this unconventional pet care experience.

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