Cats Vs Dogs: Fascinating Facts and Comparison
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Cats Vs Dogs: Fascinating Facts and Comparison

The two most favorites of all pets are the cats and the dogs. But do you know what makes these two pets so fascinating and unique?

Cats and dogs are perhaps the most favorite of pets to humans. Not only are these pets noble but possess some unique and fascinating characteristics that just endear them to our hearts any day.

Despite the love of humans for them, cats and dogs normally don’t get along. Whether it’s the battle for human love or for supremacy, the battle is epic and would perhaps continue for all eternity.

In this article, we are going to look at and compare some unique fascinating facts about cats and dogs and not on their epic battle. Some of these facts will sure blow your mind.


Cats have been domesticated for about 7,000 years while dogs have been domesticated for about twice that time; for about 14,000 years. Little wonder why these pets have become more like a part of the families of the owners. The death of any of these pets is often followed by mourning and they are buried just like humans.


Cats belong to the felidae family and are believed to have evolved more than a million years ago. Dogs on the other hand evolved from wolves that entered villages from the northern hemisphere, originally searching for food.

Sensory Details

Cats are known to have a better sense of hearing than dogs. Their upper range goes from 60-65 kilohertz which enable s them to hear both their kittens and the ultra-sonic calls of rodents. Now you know why your cat is able to locate a mouse.

On the other hand, dogs have a better smelling faculty. There are about 200 million odor sensitive cells in the nose of a dog, 19 million in that of a cat and just about 5 million in that of a man. The wet nose of a dog is able to dissolve scent molecules and detect smells that a mere man is not capable of doing.

Feeding Facts

Dogs are omnivorous animals; meaning they can eat anything while cats are complete carnivores. Taurine and Arachidonic acids are necessary ingredients in a cat’s diet for them to survive. Dogs produce this acid naturally and don’t require as much taurine as cats.


Dogs have different breeds. Just as the breeds differs so does their intelligence. Some common breeds of dogs are: Doberman Pinscher, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Poodle and German Shepherd. Of all these breeds, the Doberman is the least intelligent and the German Shepherd the most intelligent.

When it comes to cats, the breed doesn’t affect intelligence. All breeds of cats have same intelligence.

Memory Faculty

Studies have shown that the cats have the same memory ability as that of a monkey. For instance, all monkeys have the memory of a banana implanted in them just as cats have the memory of a fish implanted in them.

However, same studies show that the short term memory of a dog outperformed that of a cat for a period of 60 seconds. Cats seem to have a longer term memory than dogs.

Identifiable Traits

Dogs possess a set of nose prints different from any other dog, even of same species. Their nose prints works just like the human finger print and is used in identifying them. Cats don’t have such identity prints.

However, the presence of a cat can be verified by the smell of the urine. The urine of a cat smells worse than that of a dog and is immune to common household cleaners. This is because it contains crystals of uric acids.


Statistics show that about 77.5 million people own dogs whereas about 93.6 million people own cats. The average life span of a dog is expected to be between 12-14 years while that of a cat is expected to be between 9-15 years.

Psychological impacts on humans

A recent study from the University of Bristol, England shows that people that own cats are more likely to have a university degree than those that own dogs.

Another study from Queens University in Belfast shows that dog owners have lower blood pressure and low level of cholesterol; they also appear to suffer from fewer ailments and are generally healthier.

In Conclusion

So, these are the facts and comparison. Which would you choose? Despite the traits possessed by each of these noble creatures, they are both unique in their own way and a decision to choose one of them does not rest with the opinion that one is better than the other.

However, while a man will usually go for a dog, women always prefer cats.

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Comments (11)
Ranked #4 in Pets

I must say I don't agree with cats and dogs not getting along as a general rule. I have had cats and dogs all my life and they have endeared themselves to each other. Perhaps out of the fact that if they did not something was not going to be ok and it just might be a scolding from me to that animal. Some of my four legged pets were actually helpful when the eyesight or health diminished for a family feline or canine. I enjoyed your thoughts here. Promoted since I am out of votes.

Ranked #9 in Pets

Dear Baxter,thanks for your opinions and comments. I always cherish comments because they make me a better writer. If you noticed, the picture on the article shows them getting along; its deliberate. But its not always so. When I was a kid, I had a dog and my mum had a cat. They never did get along. Maybe because they are not well trained...and these pets never agreed. They were always fighting. Maybe that where the saying.."It rained cats and dogs came from". At present, I have 2 german shepherds; though no cats. And they are just so adorable....with fine teeth and love for biscuits!

Well written article.

Great article - I've buzzed it and emailed it to a couple of misguided people who think that doggies are more clever than kitties. Heh, Heh, Heh.

My dog is a big dog and very aggressive toward people. I took him to a friend's house that has a lot of other animals. There was this cat that started teasing my dog. Well the cat in my dog started playing and chasing each other it entertained and made everybody laugh. My dog in that cat became best friends! Great article!Vote Up

Ranked #9 in Pets

thanks Caryn, Fiona and Tammy for the contributions. I do appreciate the tidbits that has made this article even more complete. Without these comments, this article wouldnt have made this much sense to me. thanks so much.

Good article, and I am voting it up. I don't, however, agree with the assessment of intelligence, and that the most intelligent dog is a German Shepherd. I would like to know how the assessment was done, and which species were included in the experiment.

Voted up. Excellent article

Ranked #9 in Pets

Thanks Lucia for the vote and comment.

Just returning to leave a comment. Good discussion here Daniel, recommended.

Ranked #9 in Pets

Thanks phoenix