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Owning a pet like a dog or cat has many health benefits for us humans. There are many benefits for all of us that pets can help us with. Not only health benefits but also being a service dog. Learn about the health benefits of owning a pet.
Published by carol roach 116 months ago in Pets | +22 votes | 22 comments
Many people search for cheap and easy pets. This is a list of five animals that make great pets, and are not expensive and do not require hours of work.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 108 months ago in Pets | +22 votes | 14 comments
When a pet dies these facts from a long time pet owner can help with the degree and duration of grief to help.
Published by Roberta Baxter 85 months ago in Pets | +19 votes | 11 comments
The two most favorites of all pets are the cats and the dogs. But do you know what makes these two pets so fascinating and unique?
Published by A. Smith 94 months ago in Pets | +12 votes | 11 comments
How to care for a pet skunk. What food is safe to feed a pet skunk. What can skunks eat? How to feed my pet skunk. What human foods are okay to feed to a skunk? Can I feed my skunk cat food? Can I feed dog food to a skunk? Facts about keeping a pet skunk. Do skunks need their nails trimmed? What food is best for skunks?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 86 months ago in Pets | +11 votes | 7 comments
Facts about chubby frogs otherwise known as Asian painted bullfrogs, ox frogs, painted frogs, Malaysian narrow-mouthed toads, and bubble frogs.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 100 months ago in Pets | +12 votes | 7 comments
What are some concerns in regards to owning meat eaters as exotic pets? What are some pets that are carnivores? Why are some exotic pets illegal in some areas? What do you feed a pet tiger? What are the biggest worries in regards to keeping an exotic pet that is a carnivore? Cons of some exotic pets
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 82 months ago in Pets | +9 votes | 6 comments
What to do with a neighbor who lets their dog bark all day. What to do with an owner who lets their cat dig in your yard. What to do about a neighbor who neglects their pets.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 93 months ago in Pets | +13 votes | 6 comments
Making the decision to adopt a cat is a big decision to undertake but might be the most rewarding decision you can make. Here is a list of pros and cons to help process the thinking of adopting a cat yourself.
Published by Danny Hauger 95 months ago in Pets | +8 votes | 6 comments
Characteristics of the Chihuahua and how to choose the right puppy.
Published by Susan Lee 114 months ago in Pets | +2 votes | 6 comments
Published by Leslie Weinsheim 126 months ago in Pets | +2 votes | 6 comments
how to handle fleas
Published by carol roach 117 months ago in Pets | +6 votes | 5 comments
Many people keep pets at home for entertainment, companionship and protection. However, despite all the advantages one may get from keeping pets, there are also reasons why one should not keep pets at home. Having pets can also be a stressful experience for some, in terms of physical, emotional and financial stress. The facts mentioned in this article may force you to think in the other direction before adopting a pet.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 81 months ago in Pets | +6 votes | 4 comments
Is catnip safe for cats, is catnip dangerous to give my cat? How does cat nip make cats high? Can cat nip hurt my cat? How much catnip to give a cat. How often can have cats? Can kittens have cat nip? How old should kittens be before they can have catnip? Will my cat get sick from eating catnip? Learn more about catnip and why some cats love it.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 85 months ago in Pets | +7 votes | 4 comments
How much of a reward should I give to the person who found my pet. Is offering a reward a good way of recovering a lost pet. Should I offer a reward to the finder of my lost pet? How to find a lost dog? How to find a lost cat? Is offering a reward a good way to get a lost pet back? If I offer a reward on my lost pet poster will I get my pet back faster?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 86 months ago in Pets | +4 votes | 4 comments
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